For a successful sale it’s critical to have your house or property looking and smelling its absolute best for realtor previews, open houses and buyer viewings. We know exactly how to get your property to that showstopper state. We offer three strategic services for our clients looking to sell their property or home.

1. Consultation – Bring us in to advise you on the best way to prepare and stage your home for sale. We will walk through your home with you and identify areas that need repair, freshening up, decluttering, organizing and cleaning. You will receive a full list of priorities and recommendations of tasks to be done to get your property in its best shape for sale.

2. Cleaning - We are experts in getting properties looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean… just the way buyers like it. Our deep cleaning takes homes from shabby to sparkling, and no dirt, stain or pet hair is safe. We thoroughly clean all appliances such as refrigerators and stoves inside and out, sanitize bathrooms and get rid of mildew stains, wipe baseboards, crown molding and window sills, clean glass and mirrors, clean carpets and wash floors. The scent of a home is an often overlooked but very influential factor in the sale of a home. Your home should have a fresh smell with no lingering musty, smokey or food or pet smells and we take special care in helping your home get to smelling its best to eliminate that as a distraction for buyers.

3. Full “Get Sale Ready” Service – Bring us in to do the whole job. We’ll start with a detailed consultation with you and identify the areas we need to focus on for getting your home ready for sale. As we walk through your property we will make a detailed task list of items that must be addressed to get your home in the top shape it needs to be in to attract buyers.

Key to selling a home is having buyers able to imagine themselves living there. To achieve this you have to do some degree of depersonalizing your space, which is often a difficult task. We will help make that job easier by identifying with you what stays in the home during the selling period, what gets packed up for shipping to your new address and what gets donated or put into a garage sale (you might as well take this great opportunity to pass on some items you no longer need or want).

We’ll connect you to our list of recommended handymen and trades to do any required repairs like fixing caulking in bathrooms or elsewhere, fixing door hinges or any other jobs that left undone would give your home an undesirable feel. We also pay attention to your outdoors, pressure washing decks or driveways, clearing away clutter outside and organizing rubbish removal. If desired we can connect you with professional window washing services for your exterior windows.

Whirlwind Cleaning comes in with our signature deep clean service to get your home gleaming and looking and feeling great. Finally, with help from our home staging partners, we will recommend furniture placement to you and guide you on decor suggestions to help your home look larger and more inviting for buyers. We will help your home be a property realtors want to show their clients.