Stratas and Buildings

Whirlwind Cleaning is a trusted partner for management staff of strata and professional buildings across the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

We pride ourselves on making your buildings look and feel their best. With our commitment to providing deficiency reports to your property managers and management companies, you will have confidence knowing our professional eyes are keeping a watch for you on any areas of your building that require repair or special attention. We will help you give peace of mind to your tenants that their residence or office building is being cared for and maintained to the highest standard.

Our strata and building cleaning services are available on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly schedule. We dust, vacuum and mop all common areas, including foyers, entrance ways, hallways, elevators, stairwells, lounges, meeting rooms and laundry rooms. We also sweep and tidy garbage rooms. We clean all glass on the front entrance windows and doors, sweep the front walk, wipe down mailboxes and tidy and sweep or vacuum the mailroom area. Special surfaces such as the stainless steel or brass in elevators are cleaned with our gentle professional grade specialized cleaning products. Carpet cleaning services are available and exterior window cleaning services are available upon request.

Call us for a personal consultation to determine your specific needs.