Office and Showroom

When your workspace is clean, it’s amazing how much more productive and energetic you feel when doing your job. We love helping our professional clients get that extra edge by clearing away the physical distractions of office clutter, trash and grime.

When you hire us to clean your office space or professional showroom, we pay special attention to all the details: Whirlwind Cleaning wipes and dusts desks, shelves, computer monitors and window sills. We sanitize phones, empty recycling and trash and restock with fresh garbage bags. Washrooms, kitchens and coffee/tea/lunch areas get the full deep clean treatment and surfaces are sanitized, shined, and left to sparkle. Dishwashers will be loaded and/or unloaded of dishes or, if handwashing of dishes is required, we do that as well. Refrigerators are wiped down inside and out and we will monitor leftover food items in refrigerators to keep on top of anything that could turn into an unwelcome “surprise”.

If requested we will monitor refreshment supplies and restock any dwindling items like cream, sugar, napkins, etc. We will restock water bottles in the refrigerator for chilling and clean coffee makers and tea pots. Our staff takes care to wipe down and clean tables and vacuum and mop your floors.

Showrooms are left shiny and dust-free, ready to welcome customers to a spotless, clean space. We also ensure that glass in windows and doors of front entryways is clean and regular extra window cleaning is available upon request. Needs and scheduling will be determined during a personal consultation.

Bring us in as your specialized cleaning team and we’ll deal with the dirt so you can focus on what’s most important: serving your clients and growing your business.